After the conclusion of the Asian Games 2023, the Asian Para Games started. When we talk about Javelin Throw, India’s Neeraj Chopra is the undisputed king of Javelin Throw as he is not only one of the greatest javelin throwers in India but he is also currently ranked number one in the world. As far as we know, Neeraj Chopra has won every javelin throw competition in the world from the Olympics to the World Championship. Recently, Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal at the Asian Games 2023 where his first throw went unmeasured but Chopra still managed to throw a throw that stood him on the top of the podium at the Asian Games 2023. Now, Neeraj Chopra is preparing to win another gold medal at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Nevertheless, Chopra also holds the best national record of 89.94m. However, Neeraj Chopra has not yet touched the mark of 90m.

Neeraj Chopra

If we ask this question then most of the people will answer Neeraj Chopra but what if we say Neeraj Chopra is not that Indian javelin thrower who holds the world record? Yes, you read it right, not Neeraj Chopra, Sumit Antil is the Indian who has a world record to his name. Sumit Antil holds the world record in men’s para javelin in the F64 category. He threw a massive 70.83m at the World Championship in Paris earlier this year.

Sumit Antil is the winner of the Tokyo Paralympics winner. This year Sumit Antil also became the world champion when he recorded a massive throw of 70.83m in Paris during the World Championship earlier this year. He holds the record of the best throw in the world in the F64 category. He is the Indian who holds the world record in the Javelin Throw. However, Neeraj Chopra who made the whole nation proud by winning gold in the Olympics, does not hold the world record.

Now Sumit Antil is participating in the Asian Para Games taking place in Hangzhou, China. Reportedly, the Asian Para Games will start from October 22, 2023. In his category, Sumit Antil has been unbeaten yet. It is said that our Para Games champions will also get a gold there as well. Our eyes are on Sumit Antil because he is eyeing to better his own World Record at the Asian Para Games. Stay tuned to this website for more details.


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