In preparation for the India vs New Zealand World Cup semi-final match at Wankhede Stadium on November 15, the Mumbai traffic police have issued an advisory. The guidelines, in effect from 11 am on Wednesday until midnight, include parking restrictions due to the unavailability of parking facilities at Wankhede Stadium. Spectators are strongly recommended to opt for public transportation.

India vs NZ

Parking Restrictions (From 08:00 hrs. until the match concludes) in Mumbai on November 15:

  1. “C” Road North side from its junction on NS Road up to its junction with “E” Road.
  2. “D” Road from its junction on NS Road up to its junction with “E” Road.
  3. “E” Road from the junction of “D” Road up to “C” Road junction.
  4. “E” Cross Road from the junction up to “Anuvrat” junction.
  5. “F” Road from the junction of N.S.Road to the junction of “H” road.
  6. “H” Road from the junction of “F” Road to the junction of “G” Road.
  7. N.S. Road (South and Northbound) from Mafatlal Bath Signal to Air India Junction.
  8. “Anuvrat” Chowk to B.D Somani Junction(G road).

Modifications to the regular traffic flow include the following:

  1. ‘D’ Road One-Way Direction:
    • ‘D’ Road will operate as a one-way route, facilitating vehicular traffic from west to east. This directional flow will extend from its intersection at NS Road (Marine Drive) towards the junction of “E” & “C” Road.
  2. ‘E’ Road One-Way Direction (North-South Bound):
    • ‘E’ Road will function as a one-way route for all types of vehicular traffic in the north-south direction. The traffic flow will be from the junction of ‘D’ Road towards its junction of ‘B’ Road.

These adjustments in traffic patterns are implemented in anticipation of the India vs New Zealand semi-final World Cup match in 2023. Spectators are advised to take note of the advisory to ensure a smooth experience during the event.

Moreover, the Mumbai traffic police have identified specific parking locations for spectators near Churchgate station. Individuals holding valid tickets for the World Cup semi-final match can exhibit their tickets at the entrances of the following pay-and-park facilities to avail of complimentary parking:

  1. CR 02 Mall – 500 Vehicles
  2. Income Tax Office – 200 Vehicles
  3. Akashvani – 60 Vehicles
  4. Jivan Bima Marg – 15 Vehicles
  5. Income Tax Office – 40 vehicles
  6. Nathibai Takkarsi Marg – 35 vehicles
  7. D Mellow Road – 35 vehicles
  8. Nashikrao Tirpude Marg – 40 Vehicles
  9. Marine line Cross Road – 20 vehicles
  10. Parsi Gymkhana – 150 vehicles
  11. Wilson Gymkhana – 200 vehicles
  12. Coastal Road open space – 500 vehicles
  13. Dorabaji Tata Road – 290 vehicles
  14. Babu Bhai Chinoy Road – 18 vehicles
  15. Veer Nariman Road – 80 vehicles
  16. Vinay K Shaha Marg/Goyanka Marg – 142 vehicles
  17. N.C.P.A Road – 103 vehicles
  18. J. T. Shipai Malani Marg – 19 vehicles
  19. Jamanalal Bajaj Road – 169 vehicles
  20. Maharshi Karve Marg – 61 vehicles
  21. Dinshawa Wachha Marg – 112 vehicles
  22. H.T. Parekh Marg – 20 vehicles.


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