Breaking News: The famous Indian cricketer, Rohit Sharma has received big traffic challans regarding overspeeding. His name is currently going viral on social media. This a very big news right now. The fans of Rohit Sharma are very shocked. And now many people on the internet making fun of Rohit. People are not impressed by him at this time. People are currently making memes. He is facing scrutiny for high-speed driving on receiving three traffic challans for speeding. He drove his car at a very high speed on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Now to know everything regarding this case read this article till the end.

Rohit Sharma
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Recently, Rohit Sharma has been under scrutiny because he drove his car at a very high speed. He is the captain of the Indian national cricket team. He has received a total of three traffic challans for speeding on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This news has been recently announced, it has been reported that Rohit was driving his Lamborghini Urus on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This news is currently going viral on the internet. This name is trending on Twitter (X) and many people have re-shared this news. This news has been officially shared by the Mumbai Traffic Police on their official page on Twitter (X). Continue reading.

The famous Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma was driving his car at the speed of 200 km/h and his needle was even touched at 215 km/h. Because of this speed incident, many people have raised the question of Rohit’s safety especially when participating in the World Cup 2023. As we all know currently World Cup 2023 is going on every cricketer should look at their safety and health. Now it has been expected that Rohit might be going to use the team bus to travel because recently he has been fined with three challans. Keep reading.

According to the source, Rohit Sharma was driving his Lamborghini Urus car at a very high speed, and its number plate which is mirroring his highest one-day cricket score. Now as this news is going viral, internet users are making fun of Rohit. Many people are cracking jokes on him as he has been fined with three challans. One of the Twitter (X) users has stated that it is completely okay as long as the cricketer Rohit Sharma drives at a very high speed as he derived at 200 KMPH. One user wrote got three challans for driving over 200, he guessed if he kept it up he could get the fourth challan tomorrow.


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