Recently, Angelo Mathews made some remarks on Shakib al Hassan timed out of controversy. On these remarks, Shakib al Hassan has now given a reply. The controversy between both cricketers is currently going viral on social media. This controversy is currently in the headlines and millions of people are currently looking toward it. Shakib has given a very strong reply to Angelo. He has explained his decision at the time of the timed-out incident which happened in yesterday’s match. Yesterday was the match between Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh. This match became very heated and controversial because of that there are lots of talks regarding this match. So now read the entire article to know about the entire controversy.

Shakib al Hasan

Angelo Mathews, the Sri Lankan cricketer recently made some remarks on Shakib al Hassan. Shakib is the captain of the Bangladesh cricket team. Angelo entered the record books after he became the first batsman in the ICC who had to be adjusted and timed out at the time of the match of Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh ICC World Cup 2023. The match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh became very heated and intense on 6th November 2023, Monday in Delhi. This happened after Aneglo was given out by the umpire Marais Erasmus without facing any single ball. Continue reading.

Angelo Mathews was timed out in yesterday’s match. When he entered the match, the strap of his helmet was broken. So for the replacement of the helmet, there was time that went skipped and at that time Shakib al Hassan discussed something with the umpire and then the umpire declared Angelo “timed out”. So Angelo came out of the field in a very angry mood then he made some remarks about Shakib al Hassan. He said that Shakib does not have common sense and he also said him disgraceful. On which now Shakib has given a reply. Scroll down to learn.

After a shocking statement by Angelo Mathews, the Bangladesh cricketer Shakib al Hassan has given a reply. He has given a very strong reply. He gave the reply after the post-match press conference. He said that he felt he was at war during the match. he has to do it and he did it. In the match times out helped Bangladesh win the match and he is not denying this at all. He further added, that one of the fielders of their team came to him and said that if he appealed the lay was going to say out because Angelo had not taken the guard within the time frame.


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