The end Kaali-Peeli. The emotions of the residents of Mumbai about the Premier Padmini taxis will end now. The taxis will go off-road after almost 6 decades. Anand Mahindra has paid tribute to this. These needs have broken the hearts of Mumbai residents. Mumbai people are emotional today because no the favorite Kaali-Peeli is not going to run on the roads from now. There is an end of an era. Now to know why this is happening. Why these taxis are not going to run more? and some further details regarding this, so read this article till the end without missing a single line.

Anand Mahindra
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Premier Padmini taxis also recognized as the Kaali-Peeli bid farewell to Mumbai roads on 30 October 2023, Monday. Premier Padmini taxis were started in 1964 and now the era of these taxis has come to an end in 2023. Almost after 6 decades of running on the roads of Mumbai these taxis are going to vanish. This day is very emotional for the people of Mumbai who have traveled in these taxis since their childhood as these taxis are emotions for many people. The decision was made after the iconic diesel-powered double-decker buses in the fleet of public transport undertaking came to the end of their 15-year coral life.

On this, the chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra has given a tribute to the iconic Premier Padmini Taxes. He has said that they were clunkers, noisy, and uncomfortable but still, they carried the memories of millions of people. He paid tribute on Twitter (X), Anand Mahindra wrote From 30th October 2023, Monday the iconic Premier Padmini Taxi going to vanish from the roads of Mumbai. They were very lucky, noisy, unreliable, and uncomfortable but still, they were our emotions. They carried the tons of capacity for a very long. There was the vintage taxi to which every Mumbai resident was connected. Kaali-Peeli is going to be remembered forever because they did their job greatly from point to point. Goodbye and thank you for the good times.

According to the source, the premier Padminis are vanishing because these taxis were registered as black and yellow cabs at the Tardeo RTO and in the overseas island metropolis of Mumbai on 29th October 2003. It has been said that the limit for the cans in Mumbai is 20 years, the officials of Mumbai won’t have a Kaali-Peeli tax from today


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