Some days back the CEO of OpenAi, Salm Altman who was fired by his company gave a statement on which now a well-known personality, Vinod Khosla has said some words. He has said that wants Salm Altman back at OpenAI. He has asked that is he is going to be back in his next venture. Some time ago it was officially declared that Altman had been fired by his company board in a surprise move. He is in talks right now with the board members about the possibility of his comeback to the AI startup. Now read this article till the end to learn every single thing regarding this controversy.

Sam Altman
Sam Altman (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File) (AP)

Khosla Ventures which is an early backer of OpenAi, Vinod Khosla has recently said some words on his official account Twitter (X) on 18th November 2023, Saturday, He wrote, to be clear, Khosla Ventures wants Sam Altman back at OpenAI he is going to back him in whatever he does next. This statement by Khosla has given a big shock to many people. This was completely an unexpected tweet. As per the reports, at this time Altman is in talks with the executives of OpenAI as they are doing enhancement to the the company governance structure. He is going to explore the possibility of launching the new AI company with the selected core OpenAI researchers and individuals who are currently purely loyal to Altman.

According to the source, it has been unveiled that there is a little bit of chance of the comeback of Salm Altman who is widely regarded as the main figure in generative Artificial Intelligence. There are some chances that he is going to return or he is going to initiate a completely new beginning is uncertain. Scroll down to the next paragraph of this article.

Sources have revealed that Microsoft which is the biggest investor in OpenAi is currently engaging in the talks regarding damage control. There are some considerations which include the potential advocacy for the Altman reinstalment as the CEO. Microsoft is currently holding a total of 49% stake in OpenAI and the remaining 49% is being controlled by the remaining investors and employees. And the other 2% is owned by the nonprofit parent organization of the company. The present and the earlier staff members have expressed their feelings, probably that is not their feelings that are their frustration at the Salm Altman dismissal and they are also very concerned regarding the potential impactor of the abrupt management changes on the next $86 billion share sale.


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