There are many anime series that come and go, but there are certainly some that leave a mark on everyone’s mind and heart, Solo Leveling is one such. We can say this monga series is the first best one from South Korea. The series was originally released in Korean language and later translated to English by different websites. Solo Leveling has been taken from the original novel written by Chu Gong, the series has already made its significant entry in the first season.

Considering the success of the first season which got it a lot of positive reviews and rating, the producers have intended to take it further for Season 2. However, the news came up with some bad news too, that the new series will be not available to the audience anytime soon, which implies there is no conviction when it will come and most likely put us into curiosity.

Solo Leveling Season 2 release date

According to the makers, as for now Solo Traveling is on a break, but they will surely be making their entry with full force. The successive discharge has been postponed for now. As indicated by a Twitter post, D&C Webtoons have disclosed that the primary season is finished. Furthermore, they are taking a brief break. What’s not settling within us is to what extent is that ‘brief break’ go. It might take weeks or months. Besides, with the coronavirus flare-up, it gets much harder to theorize what the specific release date would be.

Here is a translated transcript of the tweet given by D&C webtoons, “Hello Readers, this is the D & C Webtoon Editing Department. (Solo Leveling) has completed season 1 with episode 110 and will return after a short break.”

Those who haven’t watched the first season, here the story in a glance for you. The plot is directed towards a hunter called Sung Jin-Woo, at the end of season one, Jin-Woo is shown to be opening an entryway and battling with beasts, season two can bring more undertakings for Jin-Charm as we will figure out that Jin-Woo’s dad is still missing. In season two, we will also see The USA and China battling to take him over as he is a National level hunter.

Here, fans were glad that at least they got the report about a continuation for the show, however since that they will have to wait a great deal of time makes them anxious with regards to what season two will bring for us. In the event that season two turns into an enormous achievement like the past season, the creators may wander into another continuation for the show. Are you excited for season 2? We surely are.


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