Everyone very well knows Ravi Shastri does not leave holes barred when it comes to criticism. Recently, former head coach of the Indian Cricket Team, Ravi Shastri blasted Pakistani pacer Shaheen Afridi while commentating in a World Cup match, The former Indian cricketer said that Shaheen Afridi is not Wasim Akram and fans should not overhype him. Although Shastri also praised Shaheen Afridi he does not think he is better than Wasim Akram. Since Ravi Shastri blasted Shaheen Shah Afridi, his statement has been making rounds on the internet. What actually did the former Indian head coach say following the India vs Pakistan match? It has been mentioned and explained in the following sections of this article. Keep reading this article. Swipe down the page.

Ravi Shastri

Before the World Cup started, fans were making it overhype that Shaheen Shah Afridi was the tournament’s best bowler but his dismal performance in the ongoing tournament led Ravi Shastri to say “Shaheen is not Wasim Akram. He’s a good bowler, but there is no need for us to hype him so highly as well. If a player is simply a good player, we should restrict our praise to saying he is a good player. He’s not a great player, we need to admit that” To note, Ravi Shastri said it in Hindi, “Shaheen Shah Afridi koi Wasim Akram nai hai! Acche bowler hai. Lekin itna bhi jyaada chadane ka koi zaroorat nahi hai. Jab hai theek thak, toh bolna chahiye woh theek thaak hai. Chadha ke nahin bithana chahiye ki bohot zabardast hai. Yeh nahi hai! Yeh maan na padega.”

Before the clash between India and Pakistan on Saturday, October 14, 2023, it was speculated that Indian batsmen could not stand tall in front of left-arm speedster Shaheen Shah Afridi and there were bright chances that Afridi could be the reason for India’s collapse in the high-pressure game. But Indian batmen especially Rohit Sharma hammered Pakistan’s main bowler Shaheen Afridi.

Although Shaheen Shah did his best, despite securing two out of a total of three wickets India lost. But still, the Pakistani speedster was not at his best. The two wickets that he scalped were nothing special because opener Gill threw his wicket when trying to play an over-ambitious shot and Rohit also gave away a simple catch. The Indian batsmen scored 36 runs in Shaheen Afridi’s 6 overs spell. Stay tuned.


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