Phil Foden Video Filmed In Monster Row with His Girlfriend At Beach Club In Corfu: Phil Foden from England left a lavish club on the beach side after getting busted when his girlfriend took a peek into his phone. The girlfriend, Rebecca shouted that ‘What the hell do you take me for? A d***head?’ as they left the Corfu resort after the holidaymakers were left in shock, and there were caught in a video. She also said, “We can’t take you anywhere, this always happens” as they were seen leaving the beach in a very angry manner, all blazed out. Follow More Updates On

Phil Foden Video

Phil Foden Video

The man that is in question is the ace for Manchester City. He was seen to be arguing with Rebecca Cooke in front of the crowd and the workers of the resort after she grabbed the phone of the ace as they were swimming in the oceans. The video that caught them has shown Rebecca shouting at the Manchester City ace, Phil as they were following some bouncers up the stairs to a beach club. She was also seen jabbing her thumb at the player as she gestured back to the beach.

Phil Foden Video Viral on Twitter

The security at the resort was seen helping them to leave the venue and then Rebecca said to Foden, “Yeah I wonder why, mate.”

You can see the player, Phil being silent and not giving a response, and on the other hand the girl, Rebecca can be seen shouting, “Tell her ‘nd all”

They have been dating ever since they were teenagers and have even given birth to two children. The situation is not yet clear but it seems as if something happened that got Rebecca furious at that moment and spur out furious words.

They had arrived at the beach along with Phil’s family, on Wednesday in a sumptuous van that had its own security. They had a booking for sun loungers and the people that were present at the scene stated that Phil had been posing for pictures with his female fans that were approaching him at the beach.

Phil Foden Video Explained

According to a witness, Phil had gone on to swim and Rebecca sneaked a peek at his phone and then got angry. This led to an argument and the security guards at the beach had to get involved. It was also said that Rebecca was in his face and Foden was not giving any response.

There were a lot of cuss words involved in the clash and in only five minutes they left very abruptly. It also doesn’t look like they were drunk on alcohol, so it’s hard to say what exactly got her so enraged.


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