WATCH: Video Mak Wan Latah Mengamuk Leaked On Twitter And Instagram: There has been a certain video that has been getting hot and becoming hotter as it spreads more. The video that we will be talking about is revealed by the former manager of a celebrity, who has uploaded the video on TikTok. Ever since yesterday it has been getting debated as the former manager, Amell was claiming to have revealed the real identity of the actor. He also said that he had been keeping the secrets of the actress for a very long time but was keeping quiet about it. This was because he had considered the woman as his own mother, as he stated. Follow More Updates On

Video Mak Wan Latah Mengamuk

Video Mak Wan Latah Mengamuk

But, he finally revealed the video because he was sick of the actions made by the actress and had been victimized long enough. He said, “My purpose in exposing the video is because I do not want others to be affected in the same way as me. All this time, I kept a lot of secrets from him even though he was insulted while on the set of the filming”.

He added that he considered her as her own mother and was taking care of her because she told her that she had been thrown out of her family. What was even more disappointing for the former manager was the fact that Mak Wan made up a story that he took money from her when he met her birth mother.

Mak Wan Latah Mengamuk Video

He denied the allegation and filed a report at the Teluk Itan Police HQ providing the evidence that it was actually the actress that had taken his money. He also said that he will be filing another complaint in Ampang as well regarding the case of his lost jewelry. In the past, Mak Wan’s marriage was also getting a lot in the news as her ex-husband described the marriage as the dark episode of his life. Their marriage lasted for only 3 months.

The controversies regarding the actress seem to be never-ending. The truth, though is yet to come out as the Police have started investigating the issue at hand. They have been keeping a close eye on the actress as well since she has been alleged many times before as well. This can be troublesome and may even turn out into judicial punishment for the actress. But, what will actually happen can only be left to time and is something that will come out soon enough.


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