Why were Lubiri Teachers Arrested? Charges Explained: Today we are going to cover news that may make you feel really bad and might even be the very thing that you can consider taboo. Recently, there was an arrest of two teachers from Lubiri High School as they had failed to stop a gross act from happening and even let it get filmed. The story is of the bus school incident that has been getting a lot of infamies lately. In that incident, the students were getting engaged in the sort of behavior that is not expected of students and they were filmed doing those absurd acts. It happened on June 10 which is today only but has been a controversial incident very. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Lubiri Teachers Arrested

Lubiri Teachers Arrested

The teachers that were charged with the neglect to prevent a felony, C/S 389 of the penal code, are Joseph Nsubuga and Lydia Nabakka. The neglect was not just immoral but not befitting of a teacher as well. The students were involved in the sort of indecent behavior when they were on their way back from a trip that was going on in Jinja. Those students are going to be suspended as well.

However, the teachers were not involved in the arrest all of a sudden, there was an investigation that was followed up by many inquiries that were launched by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and as they observed the acts of indecency by the students and the teachers who were neglecting it even though it was happening in front of them in the school bus, is what had led to the arrest of the two teachers.

Why were Lubiri Teachers Arrested?

The spokesperson from CP, Fred Enanga has issued a statement and said that, by getting the guidance from the DPP, Police have established that the teachers were not supervising their students on the school bus trip, properly.

He added that they have been recommending to the school management as well that the student be suspended immediately which was taken into consideration quite immediately for their improper behavior does not fit one of a student and especially that they shared the video on social media which could have had negative repercussions for them.

There was also a recommendation that when the students return to the school they need to have proper counseling and be probated by the officers that are in charge of the area on the fact that their behavior was not proper and what they should focus on in their learning stage. The police also added that the allotment of only two teachers for such a big number of students was a failure on their part as well, and they need to look into it so that the mistake is not repeated again.


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