What Happened To Tony Quinn? Accident Video Explained: The Australian driver who has been driving in the Carrera cup seems to have broken his leg and might even have punctured his lung after he was involved in the car crash that happened in Townsville earlier today. The name of the racer is Tony Quinn and he is a veteran in his field. It is reported that he had hit the wall on the track very hard and went out of the way of the 10th turn. The race was going on as he opened the way he raced using his Porsche at the Reid park. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Tony Quinn Accident

What Happened To Tony Quinn?

Porsche Motorsport Australia has also issued a statement that has confirmed that Tony is now secure and safe and is in a better condition than before but there are some injuries left that were in his legs and lungs. Given how badly damaged he was when he was rescued from the crash and taken to the hospital, he seems to be a lot better now. The incident occurred during the Race 1 event that was going on in Townsville on the 9th of July at around 1 pm. It was during the first lap of the race when the racer had gotten in the crash and was injured. This was all confirmed in a statement. They also added,

Tony Quinn Accident Video

“On Lap 1 Quinn’s car made contact with the wall on the outside of Turn 10. No other car was involved in the accident. Quinn was transported to Townsville University Hospital, where he is being treated by medical staff.” as reported. The initial medical checks that were performed on Quinn identified that the racer was involved with a broken leg and there were a lot of fractures all over his ribs that are on his left side. The lung was also reported to be damaged. However, the reports of the diagnostics have not yet come out and the doctors have been waiting for them. The reports are going to be the scans and X-rays performed on him.

The medical staff has, however, assured us that Tony is now in a stable condition and there is nothing to worry about, but he will be kept under observation for some time in the hospital. Tony is not just a veteran racer but he is also known to be involved in the motorsport scene of Australia as well as New Zealand. This shows that he is very well known in the industry. Let us hope that he recovers as soon as possible.


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