James Jette Arrested: Why was Milton Public School Superintendent Arrested? Charges Explained: Recently, a man was arrested on charges of domestic assault. The name of the man was James Jette and he was the superintendent of Milton Public School. These sorts of charges are not what one can expect from a man who is a part of the education system and has the charge of handling many children under his authority. But whatever we say won’t change the fact that it has happened and there is no denying it. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

James jette arrested

James Jette Arrested

James Jette was one of those men who were respected by many for, supposedly, his work at making the lives of the children better and brighter. He has been working in the field of teaching and education for a very long time and had earned the respect of the public. He was supposed to be a role model for the children, someone whom they can look up to, however, his arrest must have been a letdown for many as they were expecting that he would inculcate values in their children.

But, it seems like a lost cause now and there must have been a lot of disappointment. There is no doubt that his image is being harmed after facing such heat from the police as well as the media. There will be no stones that are going to be left unturned as social media would only add oil to the fire and tarnish his image even further.

Who is James Jette?

James is the superintendent of Milton Public school. He was appointed to this position by the school committee of Milton the last year. But, his actions have now been elevated to such a degree that he might even lose his job apart from the already lost image. This is not the only time that he had to deal with a legal issue as there was an issue back in 2018 when his daughter was found to be with a friend who was in possession of drugs.

There are sources that say that he was arrested for his charges in May. His partner, who is also the victim of the abuse, was the one who had filed a complaint against him. The allegation was that James had assaulted her physically. The abuse was an argument that the couple was having. The hearing of this case was taking place in the Stoughton District Court on the 27th of May. However, James had not pleaded guilty to the charges and stated that the allegations were false. He was released by the court. There has been no further response from James or his lawyer.


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