Recently, we all saw a brilliant scene yesterday. As we all know yesterday was the match of India vs. Pakistan. India vs. Pakistan Worl Cup match was freaking outstanding and the crowd in this match was out of the limit. In this match, India won by 7 wickets.  This match occurred at the Narendra Modi stadium. In this match, we all saw an iconic scene when the crowd started chanting “Jai ShreeRam”. Jai Shree Ram these three words are the emotion of every single person in India. People chant Jai Shree Ram as they pray to Lord Ram. This was a very beautiful moment in yesterday’s match of India vs. Pakistan. In this match, Mohammad Rizwan met with Jai Shree Ram chants when he walked to the pavilion after he had gone out. Some people from Pakistan are very offended because of this but the people of India are very happy.

India Vs Pakistan

On 14h October 2023, Saturday at the match of India vs. Pakistan, the Pakistani wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan went out at 49. He was the second-highest run-scorer in yesterday’s match. The clash between the Indian and Pakistan cricket match was outstanding. Mohammad’s wicket was taken by the Indian cricket team bowler Bumrah. Pakistan made a total score of 191 and India won this match by making 192 runs. India won the match yesterday by 7 wickets. In less than 31 overs India won this match.

India vs. Pakistan match World Cup 2023 on Saturday happened at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. During yesterday’s match Mohammas Rizwan went out at 49 so at that time he became part of the trolling. He was trolled by the crowd of the Ahmedabad. The section of the crowd started chanting Jai Shree Ram when he walked toward the pavilion. After this trolling people are now reacting on social media. Scroll down to learn about the reaction,

On the internet, people are reacting to the incident of Rizwan trolling. There is a mixed reaction. Many people are sharing the clip of a 2017 match where Indian players trolled Pakistani fans to justify the actions of the Ahmedabad crowd. Some people are criticizing Ahemdabad fans and some people are appreciating them. Some people on the internet are saying that this was a beautiful moment. And some people are angry with the Ahmedabad crowd. One of the Indian users on Twitter (X) apologized on behalf of the Ahmedabad crowd. Till now Rizwan has not reacted anything toward the trolling.


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