Breaking News: The CFO of Byju’s Ajay Goel has now stepped down from his position. Now he has gone back to his position in Vedanta. This news has been recently announced. He joined Byju’s in April 2023 and just after some months, he left his position as a CFO. He was appointed with fanfare by Byju’s which is operated by Think & Learn Pvt Ltd in April 2023. He was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer, Byju’s where searching for the CFO for a long time. To know why he has left his position from Byju’s, read this article until the end.

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Ajay Goel the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Byju’s has resigned from his position. He has resigned as a CFO of Byju’s to join Vedanta Ltd again. This news was announced by both the respective companies on Tuesday. Ajay is going to close out the FY2021-22 financial statement for Byju’s before he leaves the company. And now he is all set to join Vedanta on 30th October 2023. The Vedanta company has claimed that as part of the structured re-hiring program which is known as “gharwapsi”, Ajay Goel is now back with the company. Scroll down to learn what Ajy has himself stated regarding this decision.

After the announcement of Ajay Goel resigning from Byju’s and re-joining Vedanta, Ajay has himself given a statement regarding this. He has thanked the founder and his colleagues at Byju’s for helping him in assembling the FY22 audit in the three months. He also appreciated the support he received at the time of the short bus which impacted the stint at the Byju’s. He also said that he is now returning to his home (Vedanta). He was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vedanta till April 2023 and now again he is going to sit in the CEO position.

Ajay Goel has not given the reason for this decision. But currently, he is very happy with this decision, it is like a home returning for him. As of this the CFO of Vedanta, Sonal Srivastava has also resigned from the position of CFO today. Before Ajay Goel became part of Vedanta he previously used to work at Nestle, Coca-Cola, Diageo-USL, and General Electric. At this time Byju’s has not announced the Fy21-22 statements they have said that they are going to announce it soon. The company is committed to releasing the FY23 statements by December 2023. Stay tuned to Upto Brain.


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