Zika Virus Cause Foetal Damage: Symptoms and Precautions

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have discovered a drug called Kineret. This drug protects the fetus from brain-damaging.

Zika Fever, Zika Virus, Foetal Damage
Image source: JHU-Johns Hopkins University

Zika virus is a type of virus. It is a mosquito-spread disease spread during the day-time. It comes from the Ziika Forest, Uganda, first isolated in 1947. It named after the forest ziika. It is most related to dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and many viruses. It generally occurs in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world, but from 2007 to 2016 it spread eastward, across the pacific ocean. The bite of Aedes species mosquito spreads it. The infection is known as Zika Fever in which you will not see any particular sign or symptom. It is very dangerous and has no treatment. Currently, there is no treatment for it.

Prevent Foetal damage from the Zika virus:

Last time, the zika virus was reported in 2015. At that time, doctors identified a unique link between the virus and the brain damage in developing the foetus. It means if mosquito bites to a pregnant lady, it can affect its foetus. The virus can make the foetus subject to microcephaly. It is a condition in which foetus grows with an abnormally small head, and this condition will lead to death. Currently, there is no treatment for it.

But now, researchers from Johns Hopkins University have discovered a drug called Kineret. This drug protects the foetus from brain-damaging. Kineret is an anti-inflammatory drug. Researchers first tested this drug on mice. The infected pregnant mice and some of them were treated with Kineret. As a result, the babies were born normal with Kineret as compared to the babies born with fetal brain damage with no treatment. Kineret is a well-tested drug which is safe for pregnant ladies.

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Symptoms and prevention of Zika virus:

Zika Virus can cause many serious problems like a neurological disorder, eye damage, joint problems, reduced brain tissues, and brain damage, and sometimes death. Many people show no infection but are likely to appear five to seven days after the mosquito bite. Fever, joint pain, headache are some common symptoms. The best way to prevent from Zika virus is preventing mosquitoes bites. Use mosquito repellent and wear full covered clothes, avoid to go on places with damp grounds, clean your home all the time and do not keep still water reservoirs.


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