Again we are back with one of the most exciting matches, which is going to happen between ZGB Vs ZL, you must be in the swim that both of the teams are performing well these days, they are also having good and experienced players, who have been the part of numbers of matches. Tons of people are looking for more details related to this like they want to know the day and timing of the match that when and where it is supposed to be played. So let’s know all the info.

ZGB Vs ZL Live Score Basketball Match CBA League Zhejiang Golden Bulls Against Zhejiang Guangsha Lions

The  Venue of the match

In the league  CBA 2020-21, the teams Zhejiang Golden Bulls and Zhejoit the ing, here is info about the date and place of the match, let’s get started for the cut-throat competition.

  • Teams: ZGB Vs ZL
  • Timing: 5:05 PM on Saturday
  • Date: 12th Of December 2020
  • Place: Zhejiang, China League 2020-21
  • The squad of ZGB Vs ZL

Zhejiang Golden Bulls (ZGB): Shuaipeng Cheng, Xiaotian Lin, Yibo Wang, Lei Fu, Qian Wu, Yuchen Liu, Bai Jie, Lai Junhao, Wang Zilu, Wenbo Lu, Liu Zeyi, Peng Ju, Xuhang Zhu, Yaoqiang Li, Dayu Zhang, Yansong Sun, Zhengxin Zhang, Sylven Landesberg, Brandon Paul.

Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (ZL): Du Jinlun, Yanhao Zhao, Jiayi Zhao, Jiaren Zhao, Sun Minghui, Zhu Junlong, Zheng Liu, Jinglong Li, Yujia Wu, Ruoyu Su, Jinxiao Li, Yuan Chenyun, Jinqiu Hu, Tianyi Zhao, Miroslav Raduljica, Feng Xin, Wilson Chandler, Ji Zhuo.

Key Players

As we told you, both of the teams are filled with amazing players, who are strong enough. These are known as key players of the teams. They can turn the table of the match at the eleventh hour. their names are given below.

ZGB ( Zhejiang Golden Bulls)

  • Qian Wu
  • Sylven Landesberg
  • Brandon Paul

ZL (Zhejiang Guangsha Lions )

  • Sun Minghui
  • Jinqui hu
  • Wilson Chandler

Dream 11 Team Prediction

Moving forward to the winning prediction of the teams then we would like to take the date of the last 5 matches which are W-3 and L-2, starting with the ZGB, then the team has performed average in the previous matches, some matches it lost and won. On the other side, if we talk about the ZL, it is also giving the same performance means W-3 and L-2 in the last matches. So we can say, there is some probability to win this match by both of the teams.


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