In today’s CBA League we have team ZGB playing against team XFT The match is scheduled to be played on Monday at 05:05 PM. The match will be played in China Stadium. Let’s discuss the performance of both of the teams. The team ZGB has played a total of 40 matches in the league where they have lost 8 matches and won 32 matches. In that last match, the team played opposite the Tianjin Pioneers on 11th March. The team ZGB has scored 106 points and the opponent team stuck at 85 goals. The team ZGB is at the second position in the league standings.

ZGB vs XFT Live Score.

On the other hand, the team XFT has played a total of 43 matches where they have lost 14 matches and won 29 matches. The team has won their last match against the team Shaxi Loongs on 11th March. The team Shanxi Loongs has scored 119 points and the opponent team stuck at 88 points. The team is at the second position in the league standings. They need to improve their performance in the CBA League.

ZGB vs XFT Live Score:

Match: ZGB vs XFT CBA League 2020-21
Date: 15th March 2021
Time: 5:05PM
Venue: China

Zhejiang Golden Bulls squad:

Sylven Landsberg, Shuaipeng Cheng, Lei Fu, Lai Junhao, Yaoqiang Li, Xiaotian Lin, Hangxun Lu, Brandon Paul, Miroslav Raduljica, Nick Rakocevic, Zuyu Shang, Yansong Sun, Lu Wenbo, Qian Wu, Lu Yiming, Liu Zeyi, Wang Zilu, Shi Zhenkai

Xinjiang Flying Tigers Squad:

Zhu Chuanyu, Abudurexiti Abudushalamu, Wang Zhengbo, Liang Yingqi, XiaoyiWang, Caiyu Tang, Aizimaiti Tuxun, Lutubula Lutubula, Donatas Motiejunas, Lin qi, Zhou Qi, Refukati Jiang, Zhu Chuanya

ZGB vs XFT Dream11 Prediction

The team ZGB is leading with winning maximum played matches in the league. The key player on this team is Sylven Landsberg who is the best goalkeeper as he has saved many goals in this league. He has probably saved 6 goals in the last match. The defender player will be Lu Wenbo and Abudurexiti Abudushalamu who have picked from both of the teams. They have performed well as compared to other players in the team. The player who had to assist a good goal is Qian Wu and Donatas Motiejunas.

The team XFT has played a match with Shenzhen Aviators on 9th March and lost the match with 16 points. The ZGB also played a match on 9th March against the team Nanjing Monkey Kings and won the match with 28 points. It would be exciting to see who will take victory home. So stay tuned to know more details of the match. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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