With the exciting details of this upcoming basketball match, we going to unveil information about this game. After a wait of few days, CBA League has decided to serve the extraordinary basketball match which will square between ZGB vs LFL. Both the teams have marvelous matches in the past games. The upcoming match is scheduled to be played on April 23, 2021, at  05:05 PM IST. Here are the complete details of how you can watch this match including match prediction, match preview, playing lineup, and many more things.

ZGB vs LFL Live Score

  • Match: ZGB vs LFL CBA League 2020-21
  • Venue: Liaoning Stadium, China
  • Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2021
  • Time: 05:05 PM IST

In the past few matches, it was observed that LFL has won 4 matches and lost 1 match also. It is good news for the team because it is a clear sign that team is performing well beyond its potential. Currently, they standing in a good position among various brilliant competitors of the league. So far, LFL is one of the teams that won such a huge number of matches with amazing hits.

While on the other side, ZGB has lost 2 matches but along with it, they won 3 games also. Currently, they stand in the middle of the point table. Now teams need more winning to compete with other teams and become on the top position in the points table. Let’s move to the further details of this match like match prediction.

Liaoning Flying Leopards: Zhao Jiwei (PG), Ailun Guo (SG), O.J.Mayo (SF), Zhu Rongzhen (PF), Wu Changze (C)

Zhejiang Golden Bulls: Qian Wu (PG), Wenbo Lu (SG), S Landesberg (SF), Liu Zeyi (PF), Xuhang Zhu (C)

Now on the basis of the above-mentioned stats and details about both teams. We are on a conclusion that this upcoming match will be win by the LFL (Liaoning Flying Leopards). We selected this team because it has exceptional winning gameplay and continuous impressive momentum throughout the journey. But the competition will not be so easy for them and ZGB will do its best beyond its capabilities. For upcoming basketball, matches stay in touch with us. We will update more information in upcoming articles.


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