As we know Saregamapa is a very popular show among the people, it is running with great TRP. We have seen many contestants come here and they gained amazing popularity. Some contestants are successful in their careers in the present time. They are doing commendable work in their career.

sa re ga ma pa episode

Their success attracts others coming to Saregamapa. As of us know about the judges, and the judges are amazing. We have seen amazing performances in the show. In this season all contestants are outstanding, they have given magical performances. Here are several things for telling you about the latest episode.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Written Update

According to the promo videos, the upcoming episode is going to be outstanding and entertaining. The recent promo of Saregamapa shows all the contestants of Saregamapa participating in the “Hawan” arranged by the SAREGAMAPA team and Anand Ji Shah to offer prayers for the faster recovery of beloved Lata Ji.

The basis of another promo, shows the jury member, Padma Wadkar tieing Rajshree’s hair in the way Lata Mangeshkar Ji used to style her hair in her younghood. You will see many things in the upcoming latest episode. Let’s take a look at the brilliant moments of the next episode. Keep reading.

You will see all contestants will give an amazing performance together, They will sing her iconic songs with an amazing voice. The performance will be a historical performance, it will be a memorable performance.

“Meri Avaaz Hi Phechan Hai” is one of the songs of iconic songs, sung by Latamangeshkar. next you will see Anand Ji will mimicry of Dev Ji, “with Jony Mera Name Hai Sanju”. Himesh Sir requests him to do Dev’s mimicry.

You will see in the latest performance, Anand Ji calls Padma Ji, and he asks her to make hairs of Rajshree like Padma Ji. Anand Ji says to Rajshree, that she will look like her. All judges say to Rajshree that, this is a blessing for her. All the judges and Anand Ji will appreciate her.

Here you will see funny moments in the latest episode and another amazing thing. Here all contestants are very talented and outstanding with their unique voices. They have given brilliant performances in the Saregamapa Journey.

All are very talented in their singing style. If you want to watch the latest episode you can watch it on Zeetv at 9 PM, and you can watch all the episodes on the Zee5 app at any time. Stay tuned for more updates.


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