As we know Saregama is a popular show among the people, It is a very interesting and entertaining show. We have seen many tasks in the show, and contestants have completed all the tasks beautifully. All contestants are amazing of the show, they have unique voices and different styles of singing.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 26th December 2021

All contestants are very talented in their work. This show has great popularity, As we know all judges are too good of the show. Now the show is getting thrilling and interesting. According to the promo videos are look very interesting. Here we will tell you all the details of the upcoming show.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Full Episode Written Update

We have been watched all the episodes of the show, they all were amazing. we have been seen great weak performances in the show, contestants have learned from their previous performances, now they are doing good and upgrading their performances, now they are doing good and upgrading their performances, which is fantastic but sadly we have seen many eliminations.

elimination is an important part of the show, and many contestants had to face this. Now we will see in the upcoming show, Neha Kakkar and her husband Rohan Preet has come on the show. VrajKshatriya and RajashriBag have been creating magic on the stage. Neha has given good comments on their performances, Neha says to Rajashri Bag that she has a melodious voice and a magical voice.

Neha and Rohan Preet are enjoying the show and all performances. Yumna Ajin and Sanjna has sung the song, this is Badri Ki Dulhaniya. Both girls have sung amazingly. You will see Neha gives fantastic comments to them, She says Sanjana has a powerful voice, and she sings with the heart. Neha has enjoyed the show, there are several things for talking about Masti, when you will watch the show. This will be entertaining and very interesting.

As we have seen many performances, All the Audiences love the show. As we know many celebrities had come here, Poonam Dhillon, Shahid Kapoor, and now Neha and Rohan came on the show. According to the promo videos, episodes will be amazing. Definitely, you will enjoy all performances. All contestants will give amazing performances.

All judges give good comments on Rajshree’s performance and Sanjna and Yumna’s performance. Let us tell you the show will be telecast on the Zeetv and Zee5. You can watch all the episodes on Zee5 at any time. Stay connected for more updates.


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