The episode starts with Pragya. King coming to Pragya and Pragya saying is king am seen Abhi’ s promotional pictures. Suddenly Tarun says to we have to see King’ s personal pics. What Pragya is saying is Tarun she saw pics.  After sometime Tarun and King leave it. Pragya Reminisce Abhi and gets teary-eyed.  Pragya thinks Abhi was with me and he is like my reflection in the bank. What she said is Abhi heard to me.

Tanu thinks Mitali failed her plan and had chocolate. she is trying to think of idea she thinks about spilling oil on the stairs. She thinks about Kaira slips on the stairs. After sometime Abhi sleeps in our room. Kaira goes to Abhi’ s room with sunny. Suddenly  Kaira slips on the stairs and she starts crying. Everyone comes here. Tanu quickly comes and clean the spilt oil. Bit Disha sees Tanu. She thinks “Tanu why do this” Disha notice it and she is thinking about it. Disha saying is sunny you do not care about Kaira. Disha scolding him but sunny blames to Tanu.

Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya

What Pragya is saying is Kaira. Kaira You all right. Kaira tells her she has pain after falling. Pargya saying is coming. She asks a driver to tell sunny ‘ s home address. Mitali comes to Kaira beings painkiller. But Kaira can’t eat.  A sunny saying is Abhi comes there fast running. Dasi says to Abhi and Kaira pain in her leg.  Kaira saying is Abhi ” I am feeling pain at many places. Abhi smiles and hugs for Kaira.

Everyone laugh Abhi saying is I am making the strawberry milkshake for you. Abhi saying is Kaira I am games played with you. But Kaira said that “no”. Abhi saying is I come to my show I will do the rap for you and asks for the clap. Abhi sings” Baba black ship”Kaira saying is stop it. And she saying is play music. Abhi is laughing. And he says I have won. Abhi saying is I am not bearing tears your eyes.

King calls Pragya, and he is asking about the file. Pargya saying is I am outside, and she tells to King Kaira falling in her sunny’s house.


Abhi saying is Kaira your mom is coming “right now.” Pargya comes here. Abhi looks on Pragya car stops. Kaira saying is yes mumma is coming.


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