Many Television shows starting after the lockdown and many television series got lots of love from fans. A new television series started on 20th October 2020 on Zee TV at 07:30 pm. Zee TV starts a new Hindi Television Series named Hamari Wali Good News and many people loved the first episode of the series. The television show produced by Bodhi Tree Multimedia of Mautik Tolia and Sukesh Motwani. The genre of the show is Drama and many people in India like to watch drama series with a great story lineup. In the beginning, the television show “Hamari Wali Good News” getting a great TRP and love from the fans.

Hamari Wali Good News

The main Star Casts of the new Television Series

The short summary of the series is all about the character named Nayva and her daughter-in-law of the Tiwari family. The sweet and sour relationship between both characters and the story gives another interest for viewers. When Navya knows that she was not able to become a mother then Renuka decides to bear her children for her. Many viewers love the story of the television show Hamari Wali Good News and the performance of the characters.

The upcoming episode of Hamari Wali Good News will be held on Zee TV at 07:30 pm on 22nd October 2020. The starting of tonight’s episode with Navya getting up early and tries to talk with Adi. Adi asks her to sleep him on the morning of Sunday. After that, Adi mutters that he will not tell anyone that he lost his job. Then Renuka offers Prasad to Mukund and Mukund to shout at Renuka for not talking to Navya about the baby.

Juhi Parmar comes in the Lead role in Hamari Wali Good News

The story lineup that comes with Hamari Wali Good News is really amazing and new. Many people want to know more about the upcoming episode on 22nd October 2020. The lead role of Renuka Mukund Tiwari was played by Juhi Parmar, Navya Aditya Tiwari by Srishti Jain, Mukund Tiwari by Shakti Anand, and Aditya Tiwari by Raghav Tiwari. So, Juhi Parmar is already a very famous actress and worked in many Television shows. Don’t miss to watch the new episodes of Hamari Wali Good News only on Zee TV at 07:30 pm.


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