Here we are sharing a piece of exciting news with you, a Football match is ZAR vs AMB ( Zaragoza vs Amorebieta). The match is going to be very interesting and entertaining. We have seen previous matches, that was amazing matches. Both teams are too good in the match, both teams are ready to show their move in the upcoming match. Both teams have an amazing style of gameplay. Both teams have a good fan following among people, fans are waiting for the upcoming match, which is going to be between Zaragoza and AmorebietaBoth teams will show their moves in the playground.

ZAR vs AMB Live Score

They will win the heart of the audience with their performances. Here are several things for telling you about the news. You are on the right page for getting the right information. We will give you authentic information in this article, The date of the match, Time, Venue, Scoreboard, lineup, prediction, and other information as well. Let’s continue the article.

Details of the match:

Teams – ZAR vs AMB (Zaragoza vs Amorebieta)
Date – 25th March 2022
Time – 20:00 GM
Venue – La Romareda
League – LaLiga

The match is going to be very interesting and interesting and entertaining. Both teams are ready to give tough competition to each other in the playground. Teams will entertain the audience and their fans like in previous matches. Surely, fans will enjoy the game. Let’s take a look at the lineup of the teams.

Probable Lineup in Zaragoza Vs Amorebieta

  • Zaragoza :

Cristian Alvarez, Alejandro Frances, Carlos Nieto, Jair Amador, Eugeni Valderrama, Radosav Petrovic, Jaume Grau, Sergio Bermejo, Sabin Merino, Ivan Azon Monzon, Nano Mesa

  • Amorebieta :

Mikel Saizar, Oscar Gil, Josu Ozkoidi, Aimar Sagastibeltza, Iker Seguin, Inigo Orozco, Javi Ros, Mikel Alvaro, Gorka Guruzeta, Koldo Obieta, Iker Unzueta Arregui

The match is going to be held on 25th March 2022 between ZAR vs AMB at La Romareda. There is no update about the injuries of the teams, we are unable to tell you about the injury yet now because any announcement has not been made by anyone. Let’s take a look at the scoreboard of the teams.
Zaragoza has won 4 matches, 1 match has been lost by the team and standing with 0 draws. On the other hand, Amorebieta has won 0 matches, standing with 1 draw and lost 4 matches in the previous game. According to the match, Zaragoza has more chances to win the match than Amorebieta. Let’s watch who will win the game. Stay tuned for more updates.


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