What Happened To Zaid Ali? Accident Leaked CCTV Footage Explained: Fans of Zaid Ali have been stunned and shocked after reading the last post from the social media star. Zaid Ali is a famous Youtube content creator from Pakistan and he is a renowned social media star in his country but suddenly his fans became worried about him. As per the source, the Pakistani Youtuber Zaid Ali survived an accident recently. This led his fans to take over the internet and search for him. Meanwhile, this blog will help you to know what actually went wrong with Zaid Ali. In addition, we will also provide his social media handles’ information later in this column. Stay tuned to this page till you don’t read all the particulars of this column. Scroll down the page and have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Zaid Ali

What Happened To Zaid Ali?

Zaid Ali is widely popular for posting and uploading his vlogs on his Youtube channel. His Vlogs accumulate a high number of views on Youtube. The content creator suddenly came into the limelight zone of the internet because of his accident news which he addressed via his Instagram account where he posted a story. The statement he wrote on Instagram claimed that he had passed out after getting stuck in an accident but God showered some mercy on him and he is still alive. Scroll down the page to learn what he said in the statement.

Zaid Ali Accident Video

Without sharing deep details of the accident the Youtuber wrote, “Upon waking up, I was told that I had a major concussion and I have been extremely lucky that there was no internal bleeding in my head.” He further added, “my head is currently swollen and deformed and it’s hard to eat anything and I have been backing repeatedly.” However, he also claimed that he was suffering unbearable pain after injuring his head in an accident and he was praying to Allah “take everything from me but make this pain go away”. Shift to the further section for more details about Zaid Ali.

Who is Zaid Ali?

Zaid Ali created his Youtube channel ten years back in 2012 on 15th September and now he is about to complete ten years on Youtube. According to the source, the Zaid AliT Youtube channel has crossed 3.3 million subscribers on Youtube. Zaid Ali is a Canada-based Youtuber who hails from Pakistan. Currently, Zaid Ali is 26 years old as he was born on 2nd July 1995. Stay tuned to this page.


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