Maybe, you are waiting to watch episode 11 of Yumi’s Cell? If you are excited to watch the next episode but don’t know a single update of the series so, we are going to share some important information about the next episode. The series will hit your TV screens once again this week. Fans are going excited to watch the story of Yumi and Woong living arrangement.

Yumi's Cell Episode 11 Release Date Episode

In the last episode, we saw that how Yumi and Woong cleared their misunderstanding and get back once again. It is taking time but both are learning many new things. Now, the Sae Yi chapter is coming close to them and Sae Yi playing a crucial role in this story.

In the latest episode of Yumi’s Cell, Woong and Yumi’s love sets a new start with Sae Yi. It seems that the excitement has gone down but there is a new emotion in their relation. However, it is not wrong.

Well, the last episode did not show about Bobby’s side but it looks that he is keeping track of Yumi’s life. Now, the next episode will open up and reveal that Yumi’s career will take a new turn and also, her love life. Simply, the next episode of Yumi’s Cells will reveal some turning points and career lives.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 11: Preview

The preview of the next episode has come out where the episode will bring some twists to the storyline. First of all, Yumi will find out the workplace of Woong’s living. Like their last misunderstandings, these problems will also solve when they will communicate. Yumi will suggest that they will live together. Now, the upcoming episode will show their love for each other. Along with this, a new chapter will start in Yumi’s life as she will be transferred from her accounting department to market department which is her dream job.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 11: Release Date

Now, the date of the upcoming episode has been issued and you can watch the next episode of a release date. As per the sources, the episode will hit the TV screens on October 22, 2021 at 10:50 PM KST on the tvN channel. The drama series will conclude with 14 episodes on October 30, 2021.

Along with this, 10 episodes have been broadcasted officially. Now, the drama is close to its end but the official story is now started. But don’t worry because Yumi’s Cell has many seasons and we can expect something interesting from the ending of season 1.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 11: Where To Watch

Now, the Korean watchers can watch this episode on tvN at 10:50 PM KST. Along with this, the series will also release on the platform named TVING. For international viewers, the series will also be available on Viki and iQIYI. You can also download the application of the platform and watch this series on them after purchasing the subscription. It is important to be noted that the iQIYI streaming option is available for the selected regions.


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