Another big news hitting the internet that Actor Karan Mehra has been arrested by police after his wife and famous actress Nisha Rawal filed a complaint against him. Now, the actor was arrested in Goregaon on Monday night. Currently, the case is undergoing and all the people are waiting to get the result of the case. Let us tell you the complete information related to the incident and the case that Nisha Rawal filed against her husband Karan Mehra. The reason behind the case following a brawl between Nisha and her husband Karan. Mumbai police registered a case against the actor and arrest him.

Karan Mehra Arrested

The rumours of the trouble in the life of Karan and Nisha started earlier in May. But, in an interview, the actor denied all the rumours. He said “I have no clue what led to these rumours all of a sudden. I saw this news today only and I have been getting calls from everywhere. When Nisha got the news, she had also cleared it. Even after that, I don’t know how these rumours started spreading”. Last month, Karan return from his shooting of Mawaan Thandiyan Chawan which was held in Punjab because some of the crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

Some rumors also clarified that they both facing many issues after marriage and many fights happened in their relationship. Now, when he returned from his shooting then they both stuck into a brawl, and now, his wife filed a complaint against him following a brawl. Now, the Mumbai police investigating the entire matter and trying to get a decision to solve the case filed by a very prominent actress Nisha Rawal. Many fans after hearing about the news shocked and looking forward to knowing the complete information related to the incident.

Here we are always available to provide you perfect information that you want to know about the current incident. Let us also tell you that the couple has 4 years old son named Kavish. Now, the investigation is undergoing and we will update here all the details and the result that police officials announced in this matter. The brawl between them causes the arrest of Karan Mehra who already very famous for appearing in some reputed and prominent television series. So, you just need to stay connected with us to get the updated result related to an ongoing incident that happened in the life of Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal.


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