Most of the fans of the web series also experience the popular Netflix show “Squid Game” in real life. The series has already gained huge attention around the world and now, Squid Game has become the highest viewing web series on the Internet. Maybe, the hype of the web series has been reached and fans are also trying to experience the same game in real life which looks interesting.

Youtuber Mr Beast Creates REAL Squid Game

Hundreds of financially strapped fans of Squid Game competed for the $456,000 cash prize in the real-life. The popular Youtuber Mr. Best whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson and has more than 76 million subscribers said that the recreation of the event where 456 people competed for the jackpot cost him around $3.5 million.

YouTube Star Mr Beast Creates REAL-LIFE Squid Game

The event of the real-life Squid Game took place in Dubai. Maybe, the craze of the event decreased but Mr Beat made it again and hosted the real-life Squid Game. The game was all organized by Mr Beast where 456 participants were present.

The game was started with Red Light, Green Light, and tug-of-war, all the things were settled in the massive sets that took several weeks to assemble the set. In this event, no contestants were harm which was the news of relief.

All the players in the game were outfitted with some wireless bombs with fake blood that will be detonated when a player was eliminated in the game. Those contestants who were lost in the tug-of-war and glass bridge competitions were thrown on the foam pit. In the real-life, all the contestants were seen shivering as they had to carve figures out of honeycomb in the dalgona task.

It was not the first time for Jimmy Donaldson, he has done something like this for his videos. He is known for tempting his online fans to take participate in some crazy challenges. The Squid Game video has been uploaded on his Youtube channel which has gained more than 5 crore views in just a single day and has 62 Lakh likes.

If you don’t know about him so, let us tell you that he was the second-highest paid Youtuber in 2020, according to Forbes, who has earned around $24 million and received more than 3 billion views.

Several re-creating videos have been uploaded on his official social media platform where he gained huge attention across the world. If you also want to watch this video on social media, you can visit the Youtuber platform where the video is available for all.


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