Good news for all users, youtube is releasing new features for its Android and iOS users. Features include video chapters, a well-managed player page, efficient and useful gesture control, and others. Through this article, we will read about the same facilities. So, Let’s get started.

YouTube New Features 2020: Gesture and Controls for Android and iOS users mobile app

Yes, YouTube is releasing new features to all its users which is very good news for all users. Meanwhile, YouTube stated in a blog that “With the global community of two billion people on youtube, we are always looking for ways to make it easier to watch and interact with our favorites. The video Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to get the newest on youtube, which new updates you can try to start today”. YouTube will roll out several features which we will explain in detail below.

Streamline Player Page

YouTube has moved the caption button (CC) to a more prominent position at the top of the video player for the streamline player page. YouTube has specifically done this to make captions more accessible. With this, we tell you that it will be very beneficial for the users as it will be easy for the users to switch it immediately and immediately. Simultaneously, the AutoPlay toggle is also placed next to the CC button. In this way, users can see it right in front of their eyes, So that users do not have to go under or off it.

Video Chapters

Youtube is expanding the video chapter feature, which will make it easier for users to jump into a specific section of the video, reinstalling one part, and much more. “Today, we’re adding this feature to a new list view that you can find by tapping or clicking the chapter title in the player. You will be able to see the full list of chapters included in the video you watch, each of which will get a preview in that chapter. Save time by quickly jumping onto the part of the youtube blog Have been told”.

Enhanced gesture controls

YouTube is introducing enhanced gesture control to give viewers more control over the videos they watch on the app. Now users can easily enter and exit in full-screen mode just by swiping up and down. If you swipe, the video will start playing in landscape mode, but if you swipe, the video will play in portrait mode. “And if you want to see how long a video vs. time-lapse is, you can tap on the timestamp to go back now.” This is also a very good feature that you can enjoy easily.

Suggested actions and bedtime reminders

Now Youtube will start suggesting to all the users, about their bedtime reminders, as per the information, now Youtube will stop its users to rotate videos and VR for a batter experience, there are more features on Youtube, the feature was introduced a long time ago, it will help all the users to hit the bed on the time through its bedtime reminder,  which will tell users to stop watching videos now. Stay connected for more interesting updates.


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