So finally, the drama series is here with its upcoming exciting episode of the series. Yes, we are talking about the most famous Television drama series ‘You Are My Spring’ which is all set t bring the news twists and peak level entertainment with Episode 10. The release date, plot, and cast are here with numerous details. Here you can read all the information about this upcoming release. The popularity of the drama series has increasing day by day. It is not an ordinary thing but definitely you going to be the witness of an amazing love story of the year.

You Are My Spring Episode 10

You Are My Spring Episode 10 Release Date

Kang Da Jung is the main lead female protagonist of the drama. You will see She finds a job at a five-star hotel and quickly rises up the ladder and becomes a manager faster than anyone else or any of her fellow employees. On the other side, the next lead character is Joo Young Do who is a psychiatrist. He is one of my favorite characters.

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The especially of her character is that he is helping people out of their mental problems. He helps suicidal people and motivates them to live life again full of passion and do something good with their life.

Basically, the story is all about drama and people who have a childish state of mind. It is interesting to watch this entertaining suspense drama series. Even people have different kinds of mindsets which you never watch in other series. But before proceeding any further let’s take a look at You Are My Spring Episode 10 Release Date.

You Are My Spring Episode 10 Spoilers

Now as we supposing you want to know the release date of the upcoming episode of this drama series. So according to the details, it will be premiere officially on Television on 3rd August 2021 on its original network.

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Viewers can watch it on TVN 21:00 according to the mentioned time slot. It is a drama series that is ready to enlarge its popularity size after this upcoming episode launch. Enjoy the characters and share your valuable feedback with us.


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