If you like to watch drama series in your home so, why should you watch “You Are My Glory” which is one of the most loving and dramatic series among all the watchers. The series got its fame because of its concept and story. The story has two amazing cast members Dilbara and the most popular Yang Yang. They both got their fame because of this show and now, they are coming with the new episode soon.

You Are My Glory Episode 27 Release Date

The makers have decided to bring a new episode on the original platform and fans are excited to know more about the upcoming episode and what will be seen inside the next episode. Totally, we can say that there will be too much drama for all the watchers.

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You Are My Glory Episode 27: Preview & Spoiler

This is a novel by Gu Man with the same name. Well, we like to share the story of the series and its revolving around the portrays of Yu Tu and Qiao Jing Jing. In the story, Yu Tu is an engineer in aerospace who falls in love with popular television fame Qiao Jing Jing.

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To save her endorsement, Jing Jang started to play video games where he faced her high school crush Yu Tu who is also an expert gamer. He has already been rejected in the past two times and she has feelings for him still. Even, she tries again to get him and also save her endorsement.

Now, the makers are close to its ending and fans are excited to know that will they live together or get separated for a lifetime. Today, we are going to reveal many things about the story and what will happen next in the You Are My Glory. Now, let’s talk about the plot and summary of the story and then when episode 27 will release.

In the next episode, we will get to see Jing Jing will go to the house of Yu Tu and asks for dinner with her. But he refuses to have dinner with her because he have already done it before she came. Maybe, its looks that he is feeling jealous of her. Also, he is upset by thinking that she did not tell him that she is coming home. Now, many more things will be seen in the next episode.

According to the sources, the series has a total of 32 episodes and 26 episodes have been released on the platform. The first episode was released on July 16, 2021, on the official Tencent Network. Each episode comes with more than 35 minutes of running time. Now, the wait has over for all the watchers because the next episode will release on August 16, 2021.

You Are My Glory Episode 27: Release Date

Along with this, the rest of the 6 episodes will release on the same day and you can watch this as well. We have seen that the makers have released 9 episodes on August 9, 2021. And now, the next 6 episodes will release on the same day. So, wait for it.


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