In the latest written episode 20 September, 2018 of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written episode Ishita and Raman exposes the intention of Sudha. The episode begins with Sudha issuing a cheque of Rs. 20 Lakh for the help of Charity and doctor Rajat is socked to saw the amount. Sudha tolds him that she is ready to do anything to safeguard the goodwill of her hospital.
She also warns him that she can not tolerate her hospital. She also gives him a warning that she can not suffer anything more than this as he has already sustained due to his past mistake. She told him that she is giving the money for a social cause of charity and she is thinking that Shagun’s trust sends her the invitation for the programme as soon as possible.Image result for yeh hai mohabbatein return episode of 19 september 2018

In the other hand Sudha gets an E-invite from the trust Shagun for the charity show, Sudha becomes happy to saw all that. She asks for her assistance to leave and feels that she is successful in her first step. She plans to convince Raman and Ishita anyhow to take the case back while she gets a call from Ishita and wondering about why Ishita is calling her but receive the call.
Ishita puts the call on speaker and told to Sudha that she and Raman are ready to accept the reimbursement offered by her. To hear that Sudha was getting very happy. She told to them that she is very happy now as they have gone through so many problems. she further asks a question to Ishita about where she can meet them to give the compensation cheque, whether they will come to the hospital or she shall come to their place.
But Ishita tolds her as Raman is so much tried and there is charity show off her daughter’s mother in law that why they all are busy in the preparations for this function.


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