In the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kairav asks Naira, “Where is his father? And why didn’t he come?” He says that he wants to meet his father. He asks Naira to call his dad and asks him to come home. Naira gives him her cell phone and tells him to call his dad by himself. Naira walks away from there and says to Lisa that if you are destined to meet someone then you will meet him and we cannot do anything about it. Lisa says that she doesn’t understand what Tina is saying.

Naira asks Lisa to stay at home with Kairav, she says that she will be right back. Kairav texts Kartik. Kartik messages him writing, he will come at 7 PM. Naira thinks in her head that there is Kairav’s fake dad on one side and it will break Kairav’s heart if he realises his truth and on the other side, there is his real father. She says that she feels broken after seeing Kartik. Naira thinks why did Kartik come to Goa. Kartik feels guilty as he might end up breaking Kairav’s heart by telling him the truth that he’s not his father. He thinks that it was a short time, but he and Kairav share a beautiful bond. He feels bad as he has to end their relationship.

Kartik’s grandmother Suhasini expressed her concern for Kartik to Vedika. Se says that Kartik has to give Naira’s place to someone else otherwise he will suffer for the whole life. Vedika tells Suhasini that Kartik and she share a friendship bond and that forcing someone for a relationship is not a good idea. Kartik arrives at Naira’s home, where he meets Kairav and Lisa. He plays with Kairav and spends good time with him. Naira gets happy as she secretly watched Kairav playing with his real father, Kartik.


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