Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with:-  Kartik on seeing Naira Vanishing and he drinks. Naitik then asks Naira to take care and Naira says him too. Then Naitik and Chitti leave. At a moment Manish calls Dadi and congratulate her, as that guy has caught up. Dadi says him that, I m worried for Kartik now. She says that I don’t know what they wanted. He encourages her that I think there will be something good. She says that I only want Kartik’s happiness.

Naira comes there and Manish says that I also want him to be glad always. She also says that I also want him to be always in good mood and I even don’t care if his smile comes back on Naira’s coming back or leaving. She says that I can’t say whether they still love each other or not. She goes. Then Naira asks from Kritika about Kartik and Kritika says that I didn’t see him. Naira says her that I need to talk to him to just find
out that where is he. And Kritika runs. There Kartik was watching Naira and his video and remembers her.

He drinks continuously. Naira also sees the video and repents. He suddenly hears Rohit and Jiya were confessing about love and dancing and then he laughs. Rohit asks him that what’s your problem, why are you laughing like a mad guy. Kartik clears him that love is just a garbage and rubbish.

He adds no one shouldn’t get involved in love, so look an example of me as I got betrayed in love. Naira was waiting for Kritika there. Naitik and Chitti come back home together. Naksh smiles at seeing them. Naitik says to Chitti that I will call to Naira first as I had left her there with a heavy and broken heart. Naksh when hears him, he gets back. Kartik was
drinking continuously and he says in an addicted way that she can blindly trust others but not never me. He then picks up his phone, calls Naira and asks her that why did you do this, why did you leave me with a broken heart and you always hurt me. He in anger throws a glass. The man comes and asks Kartik to please relax. Kartik says him that even your pub owner can’t stop me till Naira answers my questions.

The man says come with me. Naira runs out from there. There Naitik
makes Bhabhimaa wear the hearing aid device for clear listening and they
all outbursts in laughter. Bau Ji says to Devyaani to keep shouting on me. Devyaani clears him in an angry tone that you are complaining about me. Naitik asks for Naksh. Kirti answers that I m trying to call him but still he isn’t answering I don’t know where is he. Naksh was seated on the lawn. Kirti then sends him a message. Naitik asks him what happened.

Naira comes to the pub and gets shocked on seeing Kartik in that drunken state. He asks
why did you do this with me Naira. He sees her there. Kritika says to vaidehi that I don’t know where did Naira go, shall we call Naitik. Vaidehi says no, they went to Udaipur, so Naira is alone at home.


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