Today’s episode starts with Naira was known that Dadi will take tension about Kartik so she messages her from Kartik’s mobile that I am fine. She takes him back to his flat so that no one could see him in that state. There Naksh gets fed up hearing Naitik talking about Naira all the time. Naitik tells them about Kartik and Naira. He tells that they are in the same college and building. But they aren’t on talking still and even his request to Dadi has gone in vain. The family gets too much angry on Goenkas that they are not understanding Naira.
Bhabhimaa tells to Naitik that I have heard that Suwarna is getting re-married with Kartik. And Naitik gets a huge shock.
He scares that Kartik and Naira will be separated forever. There Kartik and Naira reach home. Kartik forgets about the past and gets close to Naira.

There Suwarna makes this point clear that she will never forgive Naira. Suwarna discuss all this with Manish and he says that she should not think in this way and Jartik and Naira still love each other. She tells that she won’t get them together. Naira asks Kartik to sleep but he forgets past and romances and she understands the situation that it is Goenka home. There Naitik plans a surprise for Naksh and gets him to play video games. He asks him many things and Naksh says that he is annoyed with him as he didn’t share with his problems. Naitik says that he was unable to tell him as he was away. Naksh recalls his past and misses Naira and says I want my whole family to be together again. They get emotional. Naitik hugs him.  There Naira makes Kritika leave from the house. And Kritika still sees Kartik in Naira’s flat. She laughs at seeing his stumbling and addicted state. She then asks Naira about the Kartik and Naira lies to her. Kritika laughs. Kartik
starts behaving badly. Naira goes for sleep, but Kartik doesn’t get asleep. He recalls his past and clings with her.

Later in the morning, Kartik and Naira realize
their proximity and get away from each other. Kartik again gets back into his senses and gets rude to her and asks her why did she get him home. Then Kartik thanks her for all her help and leaves. Dadi calls up
Kartik. Naira asks him about his drinking habit but he doesnot answer and stays in separation.


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