Today’s episode starts with Kartik goes to the college authorities and tells them that
they have to take a firm and serious action against the culprit who had made the MMS. Dadi and Dean be worried for the family and college image and ask Kartik to think properly. Kartik tells them that girls respect is too precious and the girl’s respect comes first, and its agenda is to just get justice for Tanvi.

Manish’s friend informs Kartik that Naksh has pulled off his project just because of financial problems. Suwarna calls Dadi and hears Kartik’s voice. And  She wonders if Dadi is in Mumbai with Kartik. Manish doesn’t let her know about anything. Tanvi begs Naira to help her and save her from insult. Kirti then tells Manish that she wants to gift something to the kids. He informs her that Dadi has gone to the Mumbai, and she may bring Kartik and Naira together. Then Devyaani gets upset on knowing this. She feels that they will fight with Naira once again.

She wonders that why are Goenkas not leaving Naira. Kartik holds Naira when she gets stumble. They spent a moment with an argument. And they end up hurting each other’s heart with the comments and taunts. He asks her to address him with full respect as he has become the college trustee. Naira reminds him that she isn’t Naira Goenka now.
Tanvi worries for the video as it was spreading.

Naira doesn’t know that what will Goenkas decide. Tanvi gets called by the board of trustees. Kartik tells her that he will stand for her respect, as she is not at fault. He asks her if she has doubt on any particular person. Tanvi denies to know anything. Kartik assures her that he will not let the MMS video get viral. Dadi asks Tanvi to not to cry, as this happened because of her mistake. She tells her that she regrets that girls bear the torments in the society. She then asks Tanvi to wear proper clothes, since she has to obey the
standards of the society, everything matters,
even the proper clothes.
Kartik asks Tanvi to not to tell anyone about
their mutual conversation. Tanvi’s heart breaks when she listens Dadi’s fault. She tells Naira that trustee has blamed her for the MMS. Naira does not understands Kartik. Tanvi tells Naira that they won’t do anything. Tanvi gets into a confrontation with Dadi . Dadi assumes that Naira has instigated her. Tanvi feels that Goenkas value their reputation more than her respect.

Manish there wishes to ask Akhilesh about Naksh’s problems. Suwarna then asks him about the reason that why did he tell her about Dadi, and why did she reach to Kartik without informing them. He asks her to not to worry. Suwarna tells him that she worries for Kartik since she had lost Shubham. She also decides to go to Mumbai. Manish tries his best so that he could stop her, but she doesn’t listen to him. Tanvi asks from Kartik that is this her fault that she wears short clothes. He asks Tanvi to give them some time to get this matter to be solved. She then asks them to take a serious and firm action against the culprit. Dadi tells Kartik that Naira has supported Tanvi and had made her rebel. She regrets upon it that Naira doesn’t understand her now.

Dean tells Tanvi that the trustees will decide the type of action. Kartik tries to stop the video from spreading, by removing it from the internet.

Naira gets misunderstands him by overhearing his conversation. Naira decides to fight to get the justice. She starts a protest against the college authorities to have justice for Tanvi. Kartik and Dadi go to see Naira’s protest with the other college students. Kartik fails to hide the matter. He wanted to conceal Tanvi’s name. He gets raged on Naira on seeing this. He feels she has done a big mistake by telling Tanvi’s name in the mess. Naira asks Kartik to find a solution for the matter and help Tanvi.


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