Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2019 Episode Written Updates: Naira Leaves The House

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Tonight’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Naira looking for Kartik, who goes out in the middle of the Aarti while Kartik is losing his mind over what Mitali said to him and the video he watched. Kartik gets confused whether he should ask Naira about the incident or not. Kartik doesn’t want to blame his wifey for anything but the video is bothering him so much. Kartik arrives at the Goenka villa. Naira screams his name from the balcony and tells him to come in the room quickly. Naira receives a call from the doctor. The doctor tells Naira that all reports are positive and that she is pregnant. Naira gets happy to know the good news. She gets excited to share the good news with Kartik and all the family members.

Kartik entres the room and just than power cut happens. Naira says to Kartik that he always scares her. She goes on to say that I have good news to tell you. Naira notices that something is wrong with Kartik. She asks him what’s wrong. She takes him inside the room and asks him where he was. Kartik is disturbed and starts crying. Kartik asks you know I love you Naira and You are my life. Naira says I know that you love me so much. Kartik says please tell me you love me or not? Naira says yes I do love you so much. Kartik becomes so frustrated.

He says we can move on and there is something which is stopping me. Naira asks what is happening Kartik and why you are so tense. She hugs him and asks him to say what he is thinking. Kartik says this question is killing me and please tell me otherwise my heart will come out. He says my heart knows that Naira cannot do anything like this but my brain is asking me many questions. Naira shouts and asks him to tell what is happening. Kartik says that was not true. Kartik asks if something happened in between you and Mr. Kapoor. Naira becomes shocked and then she says yes.


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