In tonight’s episode of Star Plus TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Dadi comes to Naira and tells her that she and Kartik look very good together while playing with Krish. Dadi says kids bring happiness in life. She goes on to say that Krish’s presence has changed the complete atmosphere of the house in a short while. Dadi indirectly tells Naira to spend more time with Krish and expand their family. Kartik apologizes to Naira for the last night. Viewers will get to see lovely chemistry between Naira and Kartik. Kartik says to Naira that the past few days were very stressful for both of them and now finally everything is sorted out.

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2019 episode, Kartik sweetly asks Naira out on a date. Naira says yes with two conditions that she will decide the venue and there will no phone calls and work. The two get ready for a date. They were about to leave the house when they notice Mr. Kapoor in their house. Kartik welcomes Mr. Kapoor in his house and thanks to him for helping them. He also apologizes to Mr. Kapoor for misunderstanding him. Kartik’s father also thanks to him for accepting their lunch invitation and coming at their home on very short notice. Mr. Kapoor says he cannot have lunch with them as he’s expecting some guests. Mr. Kapoor appreciates Naira for her efforts and talent. Mr. Kapoor’s girlfriend Mitali pays a surprise visit to Kartik’s home. She tells everyone that Mr. Kapoor uses to praise Naira a lot for her work and talent. Mr. Kapoor and Mitali than leave for somewhere else.

Naira was going out where she notices Kartik, dressing up in a driver uniform. Naira says to him that we had lunch together and we did spend enough time with each other and now she will go to Mr. Kapoor’s office to work. Kartik tries to stop her, but she says that she does appreciate his concern but she can take care of herself. Kartik requests her to go with her. He then changes his clothes and takes Naira on a drive, where they both spend some quality time. He then drops her off to Mr. Kapoor’s office. Later on, Kartik gets into a heated argument with Mitali. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and written episodes.


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