The latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with the Church father leaving Kairav school as Naira asked him to do so. Kairav says to the father in front of his school gate that he will manage on his own from there. But the father says that he will drop him inside the school premises. Kairav says that everyone must be waiting for you for the mass. The father tells him that a mass is held only on Sundays. He manages to go out of the school premises. Naira recalls her past moments, she spent with Kartik. She thinks in her head that she’ll be the best mother and father in the world for her son, Kairav.

In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th June 2019 episode, Vansh tells his father that there is a Father’s Day function in his school today and he has to come to attend that function. Vansh’s dad says he can’t attend the function as he has an important meeting in Delhi. Kartik tells him to attend Vansh’s school function. He says that he will go to Delhi as he doesn’t have any work in Goa. D’souza uncle comes to Naira’s home and tells her to return his phone. He asks Naira to go to her son and get his phone from him.

Kairav decides to go Udaipur to meet his father. He asks an auto driver to drop him to the bus stop. Kartik looks at his phone and thinks that Kairav is still upset and that’s why he isn’t calling him. Kartik rings him up but Kairav doesn’t pick up the call as the phone was in his bag. Kartik leaves for Delhi. Kartik feels like God is giving him a sign to go to Goa. Kairav gets a bus ticket while Naira arrives at his school with the father and Lisa to pick up Kairav. Kairav calls Kartik and wishes him “Happy Father Day.” Kairav tells Kartik that he’s boarding a bus and coming to Udaipur to meet him. Naira gets shocked to find out that Kairav is missing.


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