Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is romantic drama and doing well on Tv screens. Naira and Kartik plays. Everyone becomes happy, Shivam goes to room and becomes stressed and her mom comes to him. Kartik says i have birthday today and you do not pay attention to me and you did not wish me in a unique way. Kartik says do something. Naira gives Kartik a remote which had dance, hug, love, play buttons. He says what kind of remote is this. Naira says i will do as you say. Naira brings balloons.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik’s mother says that she is so blessed and she cannot believe what happened yesterday. She says nothing more is required other than this. She remembers something and becomes scared. She thinks what were those voices and nothing wrong should happen.

Kartik goes with Papa and Chachu and he becomes so irritated that they are taking him to factory. Swarna continues to listen weird voices and becomes sad. She prays to protect her family. Shivam talks on phone says do not tell anybody. Kartik thinks that Naira should not plan anything as my father is becoming enemy of mine. Kartik sees that his father and chachu is not there. He sees happy birthday and everyone comes singing happy birthday towards him.

Naira also comes. Kartik becomes happy and says when you planned all this. Kartik goes to room and says i should change. He says why you did not tell me and we promised that we will not hide anything. Naira thinks i should tell baout Shivam. Naira shows him dress and Kartik says i should punish you. Kartik says you should not move from here.

Naira leaves and she talks to Shubham whether he is ready or not. Shubham says after party i will tell everyone as everybody is enjoying and did a lot of work for this party.


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