Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2019 episode starts with Kartik missing Naira while looking her their old picture. On the other hand, Tine (Naira) celebrates her son Kairav’s birthday and makes a cake for him. Kairav says that he doesn’t like cake he like Kachori. He asks his mother why she doesn’t make Kachori for him. Kairav says to Tina, ‘Can I asks you something?’ He asks Tina, ‘Who is my father?’ Tina gets emotional and walks away from there. It makes Tina remember Kartik as he also used to love Kachori. Elsewhere, Goenkas family celebrates Vansh’s birthday. Dadi says Gayatri’s son Vansh is becoming naughty day by day, but they cannot say anything as Vansh has a significant contribution in Kartik being stable. Vedika asks Kartik’s mom ‘Why can’t you see the love for Kartik in my eyes?’

In Star Plus popular TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2019 episode, Kartik’s father says Gayatri and Samarth have given their son to Kartik. His mother adds Vansh has acted as medicine for Kartik’s pain as everyone knows his condition after Naira left us. Kairav comes to Tina and says he has got to know who is his father and shows her a family tree in which he pastes Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s picture on Dad’s column. Goenkas celebrate Vansh’s birthday while Kartik feels lost. Kartik’s father and grandmother decide to convince Kartik to get married to Vedika. Vedika tells the Goenka family not to pressure Kartik for anything. She goes on to say let’s hope for the best.

On the other hand, Naira misses Kartik very much while lying on a bed with Kairav at night. She says that she is extremely angry with Kartik and that she is very upset and also misses everyone very much. Naira calls on a landline number at Goenka’s house, Kartik’s mother picks up the phone, but Naira remains quite on the phone and disconnects the calls. Next morning Kairav tells Liza that his mother Tina’s birthday is on the way and that they should do something to make her happy.


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