“Ye Jaadu Hai Jin Ka” is a Hindi Drama serial that comes on star plus channel at 8:3 PM. Today’s episode begun with Roshni get hungry then she said to Aman to get ready fast. He said that he ready now pick up kids. Roshani sees that Rooohi is not in the room then they start searching the Roohi at home and get worried. They feel that there is someone in the kitchen, Aman takes his magical wand. They all get shocked to watch Aman doppelganger, who gives the wishes as an Ammi and Abbu. And also tells that child is Rooh.

yeh jaadu hai jinn ka
yeh jaadu hai jinn ka

Tabeezi Jinn checks the holy books and tells that baby Rooh is converted into a black jinn and it really grows up very fast. Roshani said that she is preparing breakfast. Tabeezi said after 3 days he becomes a black jinn. And black jinn doesn’t bother about the goodness or is an evil Jinn. The whole family gets worried about him. Sarah goes inside the kitchen to having breakfast and fills a cup of tea. She took the cup and it falls down, She starts shouting in pain. The family goes near her and ask what happen then she tells that the cup of tea automatically raise and fall on my hand.

Baby Rooh starts walking and said that he does this thing. Like the tea Sarah took him. Roshani said that Sarah is his aunty he has to respect her. He said alright and said that he prepares breakfast for everyone. And with the help of his magic, he starts lifts the breakfast and keeps the breakfast o the dining table. Shayri signals the Roshani to come one side for talking and aid she comes to black jinn baby jinn has to do 3 mistakes.

Tabeezi said that he has to become angry and he has to do some big mistake and kill someone. Roshani said that we have to calm him at that time and also send far away Armaan. Baby Rooh gets angry and said that he prepare the breakfast for everyone and no one having the food all stands here. Roshani gets nervous and said Tabeezi mausi needs help. Roshani gets nervous and said that they all prepare the surprise for you then baby Rooh gets happy and goes into her room. Aman buys a video game and he starts playing and said he can play this game the whole day. But for playing this game Armaan ha to be there. For more updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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