We are talking about the latest episode of yeh jadu hai jinn ka but before knowing about the latest episode, we will recap the previous episode. So as we saw in the last episode, Aman completes Roshni’s challenge but Jadugar spoils Aman’s hard work with his magic power and Aman loses in this challenge, but everyone comes to know that Jadugar has cheated Aman, so roshni Gives another chance to aman.

yeh jadu hai jinn ka

The latest episode starts with Roshni, Roshni turns her head and looks at Aman and asks him where is Jadugar. Then Jadugar comes and says that Aman attacked him. He tells Aman that doing such things does not suit him. Aman tells him that it is not like that he cheated first. Then the magician slaps him. And the two start fighting, so Roshni uses her power and binds Aman with chains. The family helps but Roshni does not listen and gets ready to marry Jadugar and Aman explains to her a lot but she does not listen to anyone and stands up with Jadugar for marriage Aman feels a lot of pain. Happens when Roshni says “Qubool Hai”. Aman breaks down completely on hearing this.

Aman feels very sad and asks him why he did this to them, but Roshni tells him that what was supposed to be done is now her husband, but everyone gets the bottle and the family says that Roshni is married to Jadugar Did not. She is actually married to Aman, not only this, Arman gives the bottle to Aman and removes the black genie from inside Roshni, which makes Roshni conscious and she becomes very happy, Aman is also very happy to get Roshni again. The family also becomes very happy with this.

Aman says that everything is finally fixed when Tabizi comes to her room. Ilme-jin’s pages turn back, saying that the black gene is over. With whom there was enmity for years. Despite being so powerful, the black gene could not do anything. Tabizi also smilingly says that now her path is clear. Now no one can come in the middle of their goal. With this, the episode ends.


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