The episode begins with Roshni’s Swayamvara. Seeing the boys who came for Swayaamvra, Aman asks Roshni, who is this all? And why has he called all this here? That’s when Roshni says that all this has come here for my Swayamvara. All the family members are shocked to hear this. Roshni says that for every queen there is an invention of her king, in the same way, that I should be my king.and also To rule the Kali world, she will choose one of these evil Jinnats as the king after the Swayamvara. Hearing all this, Tabiji speaks that it cannot happen because she is already married to Aman, now the second marriage is impossible. But Roshni says denying that she does not believe in this marriage, she has already broken this marriage.

yeh jadu hai jinn ka

Then in the next part, Aman speaks to Roshni about whether he can marry her again by participating in this Swayamvara and winning. But Roshni refuses to do so and says that he cannot do so because he is not named in the list of Swayamvara contestants, only three persons are named on this list. But Aman does not give up, he adds his name to it with magic. But Roshni is still not ready to accept that she says that this is cheating and she cannot discriminate against the rest of the contestants. But Aman says this is not deception, all is fair in the world of love, war, and black genie.

Seeing this, the magician Jinn says that he is making a mistake by doing this, then, on the other hand, Roshni gives three bowls to the three contestants and says that all the rules are included in them. and Aman tells all family members that I and Roshni can never separate because we are connected with each other by spirit.

In the second part, entering into Rehan’s body, Natasha asks Rehan what is in the card? Midge fighting with Jinn. Enchanted by Natasha’s beauty, Midget Jinn orders Rehan to stop Natasha, with Rehan holding Natara’s collar in Natasha’s body and threatening to stay away from her. Then after some time, he sees what is in the magical bowl. But then with Aman Rehan and Natasha sees him stealing the bowl, then he sends Natasha to lure the midgate, Natasha goes to woo the midgate but he tells her to leave him alone. But after a while, his anger subsides and Roshni goes to him and says that he does not want to participate in this Swayamvar. Saying this, he throws the ball into the air which Aman picks up and says that he can now participate in the Swayamvara. Natasha asks Rehan what was written in the Potion Card because she now wants to find another way. Rehan hesitates, saying that if they hug each other, their soul will exchange again, Natasha asks everyone?

The twist in the play comes when Roshni magically makes a piece of the moon and throws it towards the sky and says that whoever gives me the moon by throwing it into the sky will be my husband. Then everyone runs to take him and Aman comes out as well, and Rehan gives the moon a rope to pull back to Earth. The magician casts 5 moons on magic and asks how he will find the real moon. The lizard genie creates bubbles in the sky. Aman feels exhausted while doing so much. Then Armaan proceeds to help him and helps him to find the moon, then Aman succeeds in finding the real moon, and with that, the episode ends.


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