The latest episode of yeh hai mohabbatein starts with the client for asking what’s the problem occurrence. Raman says I will explain. Guard asks Shweta for not to call the police then Ishita told that she is getting help. I did not do anything wrong, Raman tells. The client asks why did the NGO women come to them, I know this NGO, it’s a reputed one. Mrs. Bhalla castigation Neelu and every action are observed by, Roshni.  Then she goes to Iyer house. Amma sings her to come. Amma gets busy on her call and clasps a knife in hand. Roshni gets thirsty then she goes to drink water. Roshni gets injured by the knife that is in the kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla comes there and to explain to stop Amma. She looks so panic and says you know what could have become, you never imagine this.

Mrs. Bhalla takes a knife from her hand and pitching to her. Stupid she calls her. Mrs. Bhalla says neither daughter comprehend nor mother, I am worried for Raman beforehand, the band said do you understand anything right now. Roshni says that to series down, I was feeling overwhelmed and came here. They go. Amma says in the very sad voice  I know you are worried for Raman, I can not recognize that Ramesh has done such a thing. You are coming in their words and said give me two mins, I will clear your all doubts related to this,  Raman says you know me for many years. Clients and Raman come to the women house. I will make you wear this festoon of slippers the lady says.

Ishita comes and says them to make him wear this festoon slipper, it will be justice, darken his face as well. Do you know what are you saying Raman asks? Ishita says yes, I am saying the truth she says in a loud voice with full confidence rectitude should happen, there are one more people who need to be punished, will you to obfuscate his face. She gets a man there. His face is covered by a black cloth. I want deficiency you to publish this man, he misbehaved with me she said in a very angry voice,  I went to the mall to shop, I went to change clothes in probation room he made my video while I was changing my dress, I get justice for me she said very confidently, blacken his face first. He should be punished the lady says wrong happened to you. She gets the black color.

She removes the cloth and stops seeing him. Ishita asks why did you stop. He is innocent he is my husband the lady says can I blacken his face Parmeet says yes Simmi, I arrived Raman’s office media hai also come, Raman is soon going to become latest breaking news on Tv, switch on the tv it will be great fun. The reporters to go in the news has to be a sensational go,  Parmeet asks the reporter. Simmi asks Mr. Bhalla to see the news. Then he plays the news. The reporter says we are going to give a breaking news from Raman’s office. They keep camera con the table Ishita asks the lady to do her own work, blacken his face. She says your husband made my video, do you want any proof regarding this.


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