Yeh Hai Mohabbatein taking turns and coming with lots of Drama. Raman and Ishita goes to lawyer and they asks him to recover their child and get their Pihu free from this case. Lawyer says yes i will do it. Ishita says Pihu is not able to come in to the hearings as she is mentally disturbed. She adds that we can show her medical papers as she remains disturbed after that incident.

Lawyer says no need of that as we will present this case in a strong way. Ruhi comes to home and panicks. She asks where is Ishimaa and Dad. Toshi asks what happened. Ruhi says i need to talk to them as it is urgent.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, written episode

Ishita and Raman comes back and asks what happened. Ruhi cries and says she saw who is with Suraj and who is behind all this fake company case. Ishita asks who. She says someone from our family. Everyone becomes shocked. Raman asks tell us who. Ruhi says Adi. Every gasps in shock.

Raman asks what happened. Ruhi says she saw Adi talking to Suraj and surely he is behind all this. She cries. Adi comes and says i need to tell you something. He says Ruhi is behind all this Suraj and case. Ruhi cries what are you saying. He shows them a video of Suraj confessing that Ruhi was with him in this business.

Raman blames her. Ruhi goes in room and Adi comes. Adi admits that he did all this with Suraj.

Adi says people are at fault and they come to me without knowledge. He says i want to be big entrepreneur and everyone here is concerned about the Raman. Ruhi says one woman died because of you. He says it’s her problem and she should manage the conditions and livelihood. Adi says Raman will go to jail and guess who will be responsible, Ruhi.


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