Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is again getting on track and attracting the viewers. Ishita and Raman are totally rocking the show with their chemistry. Ishita sleeps on the arms of Raman and wakes up. Raman gets pain in his arm.

Ishita asks what happened. Raman stars flirting with Ishita and Pihu comes there. Ishita asks what happened Pihu. She says i want to eat omellete made by your hands Ishimaa. Ishita says sure i will make omellete for you. Ishita gets ready and goes in the kitchen. She makes black coffee for herself.

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Shagun calls Ishita and asks a favour. Ishita says tell me what happened. Shagun says i have to go out for a meeting urgently but i had to distribute the saree among the patients of mental asylum also. Ishita says i will go and do that. Shagun says that will be good and i will send the sarees with my driver. Ishita becomes ready and goes to mental asylum.

She reaches the asylum and asks the warden to show her the patients. She says they could be dangerous. Mihika gets to know that Ishita is in the mental asylum and Bhavna is also admitted there. She runs and reaches the asylum. She makes sure that Ishita should not meet Bhavna.

Warden and Ishita walks. Mihika asks Warden to check what is going on in the room of Bhavna. They checks and sees that Bhavna is missing from the room. Everyone panicks and Mihika shouts how can she run. Ishita says what happened Mihika why are you tensed. Mihika says nothing but it would be dangerous for everybody and they should take care of this thing. Ishita says calm down. Mihika asks Ishita not to go out anywhere without telling her. Ishita and Raman goes for a long drive and then Raman says sit here as here no one comes. Ishita hugs Raman but suddenly sees Bhavna and gets scared.


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