Raman arranges everything for Ishita. Ishita becomes happy to see that Raman cares for her too much. Raman says when i go to work then you take care of me and my stuff and now you are having your first day at work so i can do this much. They shares romantic moments. Ishita says i am so blessed to have you.

Ishita says i am having the most romantic husband in this whole world. Amma meets Alia and Alia gives Paysam to Amma and She becomes happy. Alia tells that Toshi sent this and she is feeling sorry to you. Shravan says did Adi gifted you the phone. Shravan thinks he heard that Adi was purchasing phone for somebody.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein , written episode, ishita raman

 Roshni gets phone of her boss. She gets to know that she has been terminated from the job. Roshni asks what happened and what is the reason. She becomes shocked and says i have come from London to Delhi because of this job. He tells Roshni that Raghav has asked me to do this. She becomes sad. Param talks to someone on phone and says bye sweety i love you.

Ruhi listens him and follows him to get to know what is happening. Roshni goes to office and says i want to do this job. Ishita listens to Roshni and becomes stressed. She goes to Roshni and says you never tell me that you are having this much problem. Roshni says i do not want to trouble you. Ishita says i have a proposal for you that you can work as assistant for me in my clinic. Ishita asks her to tell her decision soon.

Param goes to cafe and a  girl slaps him and says you are a fraud and you made a account on dating site but you are married already. Ruhi is now going to expose Param. Stay Tuned for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode updates.


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