Today’s episode of yeh hai mohabbatein starts with Raman and Ishita comes back home with Roshni and everyone gets amazed. They make Roshni on rest. Inspector asks Raman that how he finds him and also asks about the kidnapper and Raman says that still wait for sometime.
Ishita on seeing her room changed gets sad and misses Raman. There Roshni was also sad as they were detached because of her and she tried to find the best solution to again make them together. Parmeet was too surprised that how Roshni get saved and he tells all this to Simmy. She says that maybe he had left the door open. Romi was not showing any zest for Roshni. There Raman goes to Romi and asks him about that cap and Romi says that still, it is not finding.
Mihika also searches for it but didn’t find. Raman says that he has evidence for it. Romi says that he is not coward enough that he will do these cheap activities. Romi gets angry that all the family doubts about him. He tells to Raman that he now really wants to leave this home and family and wants to stay in peace. He also asks Raman to complain about him in the police station. Ishita listens to all this and decides that kidnapper is not Romi and it will be wrong to doubt on him.  She tells all this to Raman and they concern with each other. Ishita says that kidnapper is too clever and crafty and he is blaming Romi. Raman goes to make coffee for her and she fells asleep. Raman shows a caring nature towards her.

Later, Raman and Ishita accompanies Roshni and Police to find the kidnapper. They found Romi’s cap there and understand that criminal is someone else but not Romi. Parmeet says to Simmy that Romi will be in the jail soon as he has left his cap there. He says that we should stop him to leave home before Raman’s arrival. Simmy says that she doesn’t care about any of his brothers. Raman comes and doesn’t tells about Romi. They were still waiting for the drama but nothing happened according to their plan.  Ishita feels happy that Raman has understood Romi and Raman thanks her that she made him understand.

Roshni was very happy with Pihu. Police says to all to be watchful and always be with Roshni to make her secure. Pihu says Taman to ho to meeting but he denies. Then Ishita asks him to go for the meeting and makes him sure that she will be with Roshni and will provide her safety. Shagun comes home to Aaliya and tells her about her mistake which is going to create problem. Aaliya gets nervous  and afraid that now all will be in vain because of her. But Ishita encourages her to win this problem and tries to make a better decision for Aaliya.


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