Today’s Episode starts with Ishita was asking Raman to stop the car and take her to the nearer temple, as she has heard that if anyone prays there his all wishes get to be fulfilled. Raman says if God really exists they would not face any problem but Ishita says that I will go and he says I will come along. Parmeet says that it is too late, as I should call to a ransom that how much should I ask, because Roshni has no value, but Adi’s child is there and they value the child. 

Mrs. Bhalla says in tension that I don’t know where is Roshni. Inspector comes there and says to the commissioner that he has sent me to discuss the Roshni’s case. Mrs. Bhalla plead him to find Roshni soon, she says that much stress isn’t good for her, as she is pregnant. Inspector encourages her that we will find her, but we need your cooperation. Inspector says her that if you willnot get any ransom call, then the call will come soon, as we have tapped your all phone lines, which means that kidnapper will be caught soon. On hearing it Simmi gets worried and goes to her room. She there stops to Parmeet and says him that police has come, and all the phone lines are under surveillance. He says her that I have to check for Roshni.

She says to him that police is currently there, so stop. He says that Police won’t know about me. She says him that they are suspecting for us, and may be you might fall in danger. She adda that we have left food for Roshni, and i don’t care for her but you are mine and i don’t want to see you in a problem. Roshni there was suffocating with pain and says to open the door, she says that my stomach is hurting and i won’t let anything wrong happen to my baby. 

Raman and Ishita were in the temple. They attend the aarti. A rodent comes to Roshni and she gets afraid. Roshni gets an idea from the rat as he it climbs. She goes to check the opening. She climbs up and breaks the window. She gets out of that opening and says that now I won’t let anything happen to my
baby and my baby will be safe. Ishita asks pandit that I have come with blessings of god and will my wishes get fulfilled. Pandit says yes, only if you have faith. He gives her ambrosia. Raman cleans the vermilion 
from Ishita’s nose and forehead too. It gets discharged in her maang. She gets a call. The chemist calls her and says that  the man was wearing a black cap which had ‘A’ letter on it.

She thanks him and passes the info. to Raman. He then recalls. Raman getting cake and waking up to the Romi. Everyone was singing  birthday song for Romi and Romi cuts the cake. Pihu gives a gift to Romi which was a cap and Romi likes the cap. Pihu says its A because you are always A1 in every work. Roshni was thirsty and to find water she reaches a road from where Raman and Ishita passes and she comes in front of them and they lifted her.Roshni cries. Ishita gives her water. She also asks her to sit in the car. Roshni says in a pleasing voice don’t leave me. Ishita says to her that I m here with you. She hugs Roshni quickly. Simmi asks Parmeet to sleep. He says I have to go to check for Roshni.

He says that I will just go out and see her if there is alright. Ruhi asks to Mrs. Bhalla to rest now but Mrs. Bhalla says that I can’t till Raman, Ishita and Roshni come back home. Parmeet thinks that policeman is not here and goes but the inspector comes and asks  him that who are you. Parmeet says  him that I m son in law of this house. Inspector clears him that nobody is allowed to leave the place until we get information about Roshni. Raman and Ishita get Roshni home back. And they all get shocked to see her. Ruhi asks Roshni if you are fine.


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